Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rollin' Down the River

We are studying Georgia Rivers, so of course we are going to get wet...and dirty.  What fun would learning be if things didn't get a little messy?

We started our unit by drawing our own map using How to Draw Georgia's Sights and Symbols from the A Kid's Guide to Drawing America series.  This text was the perfect way to integrate some of the Reading Informational standards into our unit!  Click on the picture to find your state.

Today we added the rivers and then we talked about how a river is formed.  We read Follow that Water from the Brook to Ocean.
And then it was time to get down and dirty!

I assigned each person in the group a job, and they got busy 




and don't forget the best part...getting messy!

Now - I'm off to find a broom.  If you like to make a mess click to grab the freebie below...but keep the broom handy!

1 comment:

  1. That's fun that you get to really study the state. I'm in NC and I don't think our curriculum includes our state's features..but what an important concept to know about! I love the hands on activity. :)



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