Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love and Best Dishes

We are servin' up some love over here ya'll, so pull up a chair and get ready to sink your teeth into some gifts that will leave a lasting impression!  Between teacher appreciation and Mother's Day there are warm fuzzies all over the place. 

First up is a fingerprint flower platter that I made (with the help of lots of little fingers) for my own son's teacher.  I used Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint to make the flowers and leaves and a paint pen by the same company to write the verse.  I LOVE this paint because once you bake it you can eat on it, wash it, and it doesn't come off.  I had each kiddo in the class "fingerprint" a flower and then sign the back.  It is the perfect keepsake AND it can actually be used.  
Practical + sentimental = Love.
Once you're platter is done and you've spread a little teacher love you can move on to some momma love.  One of my absolute favorite things to do at the end of the school year is host Mother's Day Tea!  Pampering the moms who have helped us out all year long is so much fun.  I pull out the paint and let the fingers fly!  We have a garden themed tea and my super, amazing, Martha-ain't-got-nothin'-on-me teamie that I worked with when I first started teaching came up with this design.  
I know, it's like the cutest thing ever. Sometimes I put the verse and sometimes I put "this is your special day."  Since the paint is permanent the plate can actually be used for birthday cake and Mother's Day dinner and you-rocked-your report-card pancakes!  So don't walk, run to the nearest Blick Art Supply or click here and get yourself some paint.  After you get your paint you can stop by the Dollar Tree for a set of plates.  If they don't have enough you can order them online here and have them sent to a Dollar Tree near you.  Did you know you can order in bulk at  It's not good for the budget that I found this out...not good at all.

And then there's this plate.  
The plate that reminds me I have the best job ever!  


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mix & Match

The countdown is on and with only a few weeks of school left everyone is getting antsy.  It's a great time to get those bodies moving!  I use this Mix & Match activity all year to practice different skills and it's perfect for reviewing at the end of the year.  
This set includes 30 cards each for synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, compound words, common and proper nouns, multiplication arrays, and place value.  

Just click the pic to download and get your kids moving!  Pass out the cards for the skill you are working on and have your kids "mix" until they find their match.  Once they find their partner have them stand together and when everyone is paired up they can share their match with the class.  
For more great ideas to help you get your move on check out the Get Those Kids Moving Link Up at Minds in Bloom.  

And since you are on the have to check out the Teacher Idea Factory!  She is having a great giveaway when she reaches 100 followers, but hurry she's almost there!  Head over and share some bloggy love.  You'll be so glad you did!
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