Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earthworm Investigation and an Earth Day Giveaway!

Brace yourself...this post involves something wiggly and sort of slimy...but you must put your squeamishness aside for the sake of science.
What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to investigate some of the earth's BFF's.  That's right.  WORMS! 
Earlier I posted about some great worm books.  You can read about them here.
Today we're going live.  I'm talkin' creepy-crawly-slimy-the-wigglier-the-better-live!
Nestled between cries of that's gross and a collective chorus of ewwws is some of the BEST learning.  You know I'm right even if you freshly manicured self wants to deny it.  So let's dig in.

To build background knowledge and find some great info on the anatomy of a worm check out this link.   The kids will get to know Squirmin' Herman from head to toe!
Now you are ready to grab a bucket of worms and start investigating.
I put together an investigation guide for the kids to fill in as they work.  Click the pic to check it out.

Now you are ready to measure,

make obstacle courses, 

and scientific observations!

For some other great Earth Day ideas and some AWESOME giveaways check out

She has SEVEN great bloggers giving stuff away and you don't want to miss out!  Hurry on over and get  signed up it ends Saturday at 10:00.


  1. Yuck!! But I bet your littles enjoyed it :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. This looks fun!! Thanks for stopping by my blog over the weekend. I am your newest follower! Your blog is so "bubbly"!

  3. I know you posted this earthworm activity a while ago, but I am hosting a Worm-theme linky. If you participate, you might get more traffic to your really great student handouts that you are offering on TPT! Would love to see you there!

    Here is the address to our linky (will open Nov. 7):

    Darci the STEM Mom

    Andrea from No Doubt Learning
    Erin from The Usual Mayhem


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