Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Does Your Pup Measure Up? intention was to join Soaring Through Second's 
and tell you how cute and sweet this little pup is...
but then I found this
and this
and you know how teachers feel about their toilet paper rolls.    They must be hoarded collected and preserved and repurposed into amazing craftivities.  
So the words cute and sweet were not coming to mind. 

Christmas before last I had a moment of weakness...and her name was Izzi.  Just as I had planned the kids thought she was the BEST Christmas present ever.  And just as I had planned it has really helped them learn some mean you didn't see them in the picture cleaning up after their beloved pet?  Oh I'm sure it's because they were busy doing homework or cleaning their bedrooms. 

Puppies may not be great for collecting crafting supplies but they are great for measuring!  Especially after reading Measuring Penny.
Have you read this great book to your class?
It's perfect for getting your students pumped up about measurement because everyone loves puppies (well almost everyone). I created an activity pack that's a great follow up to this book. Click the pic to check it out. 

This activity covers five 2nd grade CCSS for measurement and data.  Have your kids bring their favorite "stuffed' pet and let the measuring begin!  



  1. I love that book, but I've never thought of having them measure a stuffed animal in all those different ways. LOVE it! I'll have to add it to my wishlist...

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Izzi is adorable, even if she is a craft killer. :) I almost took pictures yesterday as my dog went into my purse that was on floor, without my knowing it, grabbed a tissue or two and went into the living room and shredded them! So this looks a little familiar, lol. I love your measuring idea, too, so cute! I'll have to find that book, looks cute!

    3rd Grade Times

  3. Oh my goodness I love this!!! Thank you! And Izzi is really really cute...despite the toilet paper rolls! I have a million of them in my garage! :)

  4. I used this book last year but I love the idea of having them bring an animal! Thanks!


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