Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Space Talk

I have quite a chatty class this year.  And by chatty I mean they never stop talking : )  Luckily talking, otherwise known as speaking and listening, is one of the CCSS standards, so we have been working hard on purposeful talk.  We use these great Accountable Talk Posters from Tina's Teaching Treasures to help us frame our conversations, and today we talked about space.

To get my kiddos engaged, we did a See, Think, Wonder activity from Making Thinking Visible.  If you haven't heard of this book you need to check it out!  It's great for promoting higher level thinking.  

I put the image below up on the active board,  and guided my kids through these questions:

SEE -What do you see? What observations can you make about this image?
THINK - What do you think?  What can you infer about the image?  Why do you think that?
WONDER - What do you wonder?  What questions do you have after looking at this picture?

This picture of Buzz Aldrin's moon boot got everyone talking - purposefully!  It was a great way to get our brain ready for an interactive read aloud of Moonshot the story of the flight of Apollo 11.  

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